Install EVE-NG in Google Cloud Platform

Install EVE-NG in Google Cloud Platform

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Let’s learn how to install EVE-NG in Google Cloud Platform (GPC). GCloud was currently left support to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; therefore, our installation is carried out over Ubuntu Pro 16.04 LTS version.

Click here for more info about the end of maintenance to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS en GCloud.

EVE – The Emulated Virtual Environment For Network, Security and DevOps Professionals

Install EVE Community on GPC.
Commands utilized in the video:

Enable virtualization:

Type the below command to become root:
sudo -i

Start EVE-COMM installation:
wget -O - | bash -i

Update and upgrade your new EVE-COMM:
apt update
apt upgrade

I’m currently using the free USD 300 that Google Cloud gives you for the first 90 days after signing up.

At the end of this trial period, we will update the cost of the eve-ng according to the features we have selected.

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